ProValens is building a Resource Network, linking the websites of a growing number of participating organizations.

We are starting with organizations that are helping caregivers and providers help those dealing with and caring for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  We gave this Resource Network a name, Care to Plan. We hope to serve other patient populations such as Autism, Cancer and Heart disease as we expand.

A Network of websites makes it easier for resources to migrate to the websites of participants in the Resource Network.  Website visitors find resources when and where they are searching for resources.

How it Works

Organizations that register receive a Resource Portal that includes their brand identity. The registered organization then identifies one or more administrative users who are authorized to create, edit, release and activate Resource Cards.  Cards are displayed in the Organization’s Portal, hosted by ProValens.

Organizations release Resource Cards they create.  The Resource Cards are then available to any organization.  An organization interested in adding a resource to their Resource Portal requires that the organization activates the Resource Card.  For example, a cardiology practice can activate Resource Cards created by the YMCA to reinforce the physician’s recommendation, “you need to get more exercise”.   By creating and activating Resource Cards, an organization populates its Resource Portal.  The final step is to link the Resource Portal to the organization’s website.

There is no cost to register an Organization and receive a Resource Portal, essentially an empty Portal that can be populated.   Organizations pay $99 per card per year to release a Resource Card.  There is no cost to activate Resource Cards.  There is no cost to link the Portal to your organization’s website.

Our goal is to make resources portable, available when and where people search. Each organization curates what is available to their website visitors.  Resources are then matched to the interests and needs of each website visitor.