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Increase your in-network referrals, minimize leakage and save your organization time and money while helping your website visitors make smarter health-related decisions.

When visitors search your website, it should be easy to find helpful information and resources, personalized to their interests and needs. The most trusted source of information is your healthcare organization and your clinicians. Resources are categorized by:


  • People will begin their search for health-related resources on the website of their healthcare provider.
  • Clinicians will recommend their website knowing it is a curated source of helpful resources.
  • Website visitors will be rewarded with a more personal and engaging online patient experience.


  • Keep patient referrals in-network while building stronger patient loyalty and reducing revenue leakage.
  • Minimize unreimbursed clinician workloads resulting from patient-acquired misinformation.
  • Curate the information and resources available on your website to help reduce misinformation.
  • Leverage the opportunity to connect with patients and caregivers via your website.
  • Strengthen your affiliate relationships that comprise the transitional care network essential for care coordination.
  • Clinicians recommend your website with confidence when patients or caregivers seek more information.
  • Easy access to ProValens’ library of information and resources for patients, caregivers and clinicians.
  • ProValens hosts the technology that organizes, selects and sorts Resource Cards – saving you time and money.


  • Resource Cards provide an at-a-glance identification of resources; they are easily created, edited or deleted by your organization.
  • Resource Cards are displayed in a FREE Resource Portal.
  • The Portal maintains your branding and simply plugs into your website.
  • The Portal is powered by a recommender system that learns about the interests of the user and filters what is displayed to them.
  • Website visitors can Save and Share Resource Cards with family and friends.
  • Clinicians can easily Share cards with patients pre/post appointments.
  • Website visitors can elect to Stay Informed, establishing a valuable connection among patients and provider organizations.
  • Resource Cards are portable and are easily activated by affiliated organizations within the transitional care network to extend your reach and exposure.
  • Resource Cards are organized, indexed and stored in a database. ProValens maintains the metadata ontology that categorizes cards by symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, risk factors, location, etc.
  • Users can remain anonymous. However, ProValens tracks usage and provides this data to participating organizations interested in better understanding the issues and interests of users.
  • Education is the foundation of the Resource Registry. Licensed educational content from the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research may be activated within your Portal.

Join Us!

ProValens is entering beta test. Register and add your resources to our Resource Registry. Add a Resource Portal to your website and connect users to the Resource Registry.

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